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How it all started... Thanks Mom!

Everyone says they have something "In their DNA" and I am no different. Creating is in my DNA. My grandmother would sew dresses for herself and my aunts for special occasions or just because. So it's no surprise that when I arrived I was adorned with dresses and bows as the first grandchild (and only girl after my cousin arrived). One of my first dresses was a bright red polka dot that my grandmother made for me. When I was in elementary school, my mom would recreate my clothes, make matching hair balls and decorations for my school pictures. Often only with a glue gun and some fun things she found in her craft bucket or at our local dollar store. I used to get teased (Of course I did- kids are cruel) but I felt pretty and unique. Smiling big (Pics to come) an ready for my one of a kind dress, shirt, headband, or whatever to be captured for all of my family to see. As I got older, I'd find an outfit that I loved and sooner or later I would see someone with the same of similar fit on. I'd then go cut off a part of it or change it up enough to make it unrecognizable and reflective of my unique style. It didn't always turn out how I wanted, but I felt accomplished that I could turn something cool into something that no one else had.

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